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"...these scraggly Chapel Hill punks go face down in a glass of Wild Turkey and survive to testify." --SPIN

"The Spider Bags locate their identity by running that particular current of electricity through country music’s liquor-soaked puddle of self-loathing and reveling in it.” --Dusted Magazine

"Every once in a while a band like Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags will debut with a record so good it makes me realize I’ve been way too generous with everyone else. A Celebration of Hunger (Birdman) is just the sort of thing I should be holing my hosannas for: a filler-free collection of openhearted, empty-bottled country rock fueled by bitterness and scalding wit." -- Chicago Reader

"Down South, McGee's writing began to chase the great tradition of unforgivable American storytelling. On last year's debut LP, A Celebration of Hunger, he channeled long-past blind bluesmen and their tales of hard living and abuse—domestic, drug, drink—through an Oblivians take on country. An unabashed lust for left-field punk and lo-fi pop hisses hovered right at the surface. The list of his ex-bandmates rivals what one assumes must be his rap sheet, and his lyrical love-hate relationship with just about everything works in his favor." -- Indy Week

“A North Carolina six-piece punk country band, the Spider Bags are ostensibly Americana, but it’s the kind of reeling-in-sickness music you’d expect from Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Meat Puppets…Every song is able to find beauty in pain and darkness, with lyrics (”She’s got a crooked face when she smiles”) that are as thoughtful as the music behind them. I’m gonna go so far as to call this album brilliant. That’s right, brilliant. There’s not a bad track on the entire record, and it’s a goddamn shame I didn’t hear about this album when it came out, because it easily would have made my top 10 for the year.” -- Berkeley Place Blog

"Haven’t had a chance to hear these guys until now, and wished I’d acted sooner – Spider Bags play memorable, jangly rock music with somewhat of a country-ish, slowed-down side that makes their melodies really stand out and crash down on each other. Hard to pick a favorite between these two; “Professionals” is covered in noise, where “Hey Delinquents” is a bit more put together, but it’ll be hard to shake the slightly menalcholy vibes from both. This is what we call a two-sided burner." -- Dusted Magazine

"Spider Bags takes garage rock, puts it through the North Carolina roots music machine and comes out on the other side with songs that could easily be local anthems." --The Daily Tar Heel, NC

"Slow, galloping, stoned-and-soured country, they sing lines like "There ain't no curfew on hard livin' in this poorly painted town" above a slurred Southern sweat." -- Indy Week