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Track listing
  1. August's Song
  2. Pretend
  3. Bitter Rose
  4. Sleeping Dreams
  5. First Sign
  6. Nowhere
  7. Another Day
  8. Shadows
  9. I'll Never Know
  10. Now it's Time
  11. All the Time

Now It's Time CD

Released March 2007

Now It's Time finds songwriter/chanteuse Paula Frazer reconvening her critically-acclaimed group effort Tarnation, her first new recording with the ensemble since the grand exeunt Mirador. The band consists of Frazer, longtime collaborator Patrick Main on piano, and Jasmyn Wong on drums. But as usual, the show belongs to Frazer, who can play any instrument she puts her hand to and who recorded much of the record in her classic Victorian house in the famed Bernal Heights area of San Francisco on a 1/4" 8 track tape machine.

On Now It's Time, Paula Frazer and Tarnation reconnect with their past, presenting an olde tyme sound with whisping swirls of guitars and strings, wonderfully framing Paula's signature angelic voice. The songs depict loss and sorrow but seek and find solace, warmth and comfort in the act of music-making. The immediacy of the writing and production add a pure and fluid sensibility to Frazer's voice that has not been heard before. "August's Song" opens proceedings with a question to a lost lover, wondering if he is happy now that he is wondering alone. "Sleeping Dreams," one of the most beautiful songs Paula has ever written, paints a picture from the other viewpoint, of the lover left alone, silent and temporarily lost. While the album carries a lost, sorrow-filled air throughout, it's presented with grace and beauty that seduces the listener to share in these emotions - which most are all too familiar with as is the role of true art.

Other album highlights include "Pretend" where the protagonist, played by a lone guitar, meets a beautiful string quartet (recalling the arrangements created for the classic Nick Drake albums). "First Sign" incorporates the lush, dramatic stylistic signatures introduced on Frazer's most recent solo effort Leave the Sad Things Behind, with a rolling groove and lush and fragrant vocal chorus. "Nowhere" is a Cormick McCarthy-style lyrical ballad reminiscent of the Tarnation 12 year old classic "The Well" with Berkeley's Moore Brothers adding wonderful backing harmonies. Finally, "Now It's Time," the title track, ends the record with a sign of hope…of a bright future.

"Paula Frazer and Tarnation's Now It's Time is pretty much a perfect record. After Frazer's solo outing, she has returned to Tarnation to create yet another work of psychedelic alt-country." -- Abby White, Performing Songwriter

"Frazer writes lovely, melancholy love songs cloaked in mystery and reverb, and that distinctive voice is still enchanting, especially when she fully embraces the sade thing on the lover's valediction “August's Song” and the wistful “Sleeping Dreams” with its ghostly pedal steel and mournful harmonies." -- Steve Klinge/Harp (March April)