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Track listing
  1. The Fog Peaks of Nara
  2. The Dust Storms of South City
  3. The Ooze Pits of Clarksdale
  4. Mahikari


Released Spring 2009

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A chance meeting around a axe-wound shaped microphone and Mahikari is born.

On one side slings world famous Acid Mother's Temple guitar-god MAKOTO KAWABATA. Showblazing on stage other is Yamamoto Seiichi -- the guitarist ending The Boredoms' sound from the beginning to Vision Creation Newson. Two of the greatest guitar players of all time cutting mind-churning psychedelic meltdowns in San Francisco with ex-Thin White Rope Stoo Odom on bass.

Following the path paved by their respective bands as well as Hijokaidan, Solmania, CCCC, K K Null, and Highrise, the first Mahikari record is a blistering colossal attack of legendary proportions.

On super-limited edition vinyl, not found in any stores, and on CD.

"In Japanese, Mahikari means "True Light," and is one of a handful of new religious movements that has swept the country. Mahikari combines aspects of various older Asian religions and spiritualist teachings—like Oomotoko, Buddhism and Shintoism—and puts an emphasis on inner harmony. Now that two of Japan's most renowned guitarists of the '90s—Acid Mother's Temple guitarist Kamoto Kawabata and The Boredoms' ex-ax man Yamamoto "Yama-Motor" Seiichi—are collaborating, Mahikari now also means "fucking awesome psych noise rock band." Their debut self-titled album, four songs totaling 40-plus minutes, creates mind-blowing sonic landscapes. Kawabata and Yamamoto have an incredible knack for building on each other's riffs and solos." -- Zach Kaufmann - Splice Today

"One listen to the project Mahikari and I’m reminded of precisely the Sonic Youth moments I adore. Each album from the seminal New York band contains a place—a track or a space—where discord is laid aside, revealing truly gritty rock and rhythm: it is in these moments that Mahikari plies its curious breed of guitar fury." -- Erick Mertz - Kevchino