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Day 6 - Mile City, MT - off - 8/31

Ronald McDonald and Mud Duck are riding in a car. McDonald has the wheel. he is wearing a cowboy hat.

Mud Duck: Easy there, cowboy. I don't want to get in an accident.

McDonald: A what?

Mud: An accident. You know, like a car accident.

McDonald: I don't understand.

Mud: An accident is something that happens which has not been planned, and the effects are almost always negative. For example, in a car accident, one car will crash into another car, or a wall, a telephone pole, etc. People can get injured or die, and the objects involved could be damaged beyond repair.

McDonald: That sounds awful. I would never want an accident to happen to me.

Mud: You mean to tell me you've never had an accident? You've never made a mistake? Get out of town. That's baloney.

McDonald: I'm quite serious. Every event in my life has been a result of a decision made by me, and every decision I've made has been the right decision.

Mud: Fooey!

McDonald: Listen to me, now. My life, as you witness it now, is the result of a long sequence of correct decisions. I now sit atop a pyramid of virtue and incontestable purity. Quite literally, I am bulletproof.

Mud: What about that time you raw-dogged that T.J. hooker and...

McDonald (interrupting): All part of the plan.


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