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Fresno, CA - 8/10/05


  • Donnell: What would you do if you got a flatbed?
  • Gene: I'd put a bunch of flats on it
  • Donnell: Flats of what?
  • Gene: Soda. Surge.
  • Donnell: What if it was all flat?
  • Gene: Then I'd have a flatbed with a grip of flats of flat Surge.
  • Donnell: A grip of flats?
  • Gene: Or a flat of flats…I could build a flat for all the flats.
  • Donnell: What if you got Flatt to drive your flatbed?
  • Gene: I'd clone him, then I'd have a flat of Flatts.
  • Donnell: A grip of them?
  • Gene: No, I'd build another flat for them.
  • Donnell: Dang! If you got more flatbeds, you could have them drive all those at the same time!
  • Gene: Check this out: a flat of Flatts gets lowered down to the ground, then they walk off and drive a bunch of flatbeds with flats of flat Surge on the back.
  • Donnell: What if you built a flat for all the flatbeds?
  • Gene: No problem.
  • Donnell: And all the flatbeds have flats.
  • Gene: You mean flat tires? They'd all fix them, though….a flat of Flatts fixing their flatbed flats.
  • Donnell: Then they could drive those flats of flat Surge anywhere they want.
  • Gene: Once they fix those flats.

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