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Fresno, CA - 8/9/05

"Jokes" or "Two lil Babes"

  • Q: what do you do with a rage problem?
  • A: take it out on someone else, preferably someone who is virtually defenseless.
  • Q: what do you do if someone doesn't laugh at your jokes?
  • A: berate them until they cry.
  • Q: what if they won't say they're sorry?
  • A: then simply project your insecurities upon them.
  • Q: how?
  • A: accuse them of manipulating your social microcosm.
  • Q: what?
  • A: explain to them how they are a threat to how funny other people might think your jokes are.
  • Q: but my army always laughs at my jokes, they always think they are ....that I am funny. why would anybody ever not la...
  • A: (interrupting) think if one day they decided not to! remember, there exist some people who are constantly and secretly trying to manipulate your life and your well being, and it is your job to seek them out and destroy them!
  • Q: how do I find them?
  • A: easy! they will appear to not have any interest in your jokes or anything you say!
  • Q: but that simply cannot be true, it just can't.
  • A: it's not true! they just act as though they are uninterested in order to acheive....some...secret, wretched goal.
  • Q: they wish they were as funny as meee...!
  • A: right!



this one is dedicated to anyone who either chooses to or is forced to participate in this kind of shit

believe it or not, it actually happens...more than I used to think.

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