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Day 001 - Fresno, CA - home - 5/10/05

  • Q: what is a scapegoat?
  • A: first of all, a scapegoat must wear the mark...that is his first position.
  • Q: the mark?
  • A: he wears it all over...on his face, in the way he walks, in the way he takes his meals. it is he. the mark is his way, and his way is undesirable.
  • Q: to whom?
  • A: the insiders.
  • Q: so he is an outsider?
  • A: yes.
  • Q: is he evil or good?
  • A: neither, and both...just like anyone else.
  • Q: what happens next, then? what is the second position?
  • A: the second position is this: the outsider is torn apart, limb from limb, by an angry mob of insiders.
  • Q: why?
  • A: first he is blamed for the collecive evil, or perhaps even the specific evil, of the community...this includes insiders and outsiders.
  • Q: you'll have to explain.
  • A: okay, take this: say there exists a small town. as a community, they decide to build a glorify their existence, or to praise God...something like this. the entire community--insiders and outsiders--must participate, including those who might be indifferent, or even opposed to the mound.
  • Q: a mound?
  • A: it has happened before. so...the town finishes building their mound. say they bury a sacred treasure in the mound. most agree: it is a beautiful glorifies God, or whatever it is they wish to glorify. perhaps some of the outsiders were against the mound, but none of them spoke of their opposition...they worked silently, alongside the insiders...or, whoever endorsed the mound. perhaps those in dissent spoke to each other secretively about their opposition to the mound...but this is of little importance. one day, an insider decides to dig up the treasure and destroy the mound.
  • Q: no!
  • A: it has happened before. this insider takes the treasure and deposits the contents into, say, a swiss bank account...interest free. the town discovers that the mound has been destroyed and the treasure stolen, and, of course, there is an outrage. let's say our outsider's name is Torbjorn. the townspeople speak amongst eachother: "I heard it was Torbjorn". . ."that silent son of a bitch--always keeping to himself!". . . "yes, I've seen him trod upon another mound before" . . . "did he destroy it?" . . . "no, but he clearly did not like it...I think he hates mounds" . . . "he has a problem with mounds...and he stole the treasure!". . . "yes! I've seen him steal before!". . . "FUCK HIM!" And before you know it, before he has a chance to defend himself, they have him hung, drawn, and quartered.
  • Q: is this the way of things?
  • A: yes, get used to it.
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