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Day 4 - Seattle, WA - off - 8/29

At about 2 am, there will be a contest. It involves myself, Roadhouse, Amy (our host) and Patty. It's a shotgun contest -- Pabst Blue Ribbon. I will shotgun for Fresno, CA; Roadhouse shotguns for League City, TX; and Amy and Patty will shotgun for Tecoma, WA. Who wins? Patty wins -- she can down some Pabst faster than your mom. She will claim Roadhouse as her prize. Romancing the Bone, as they say.

Answer to yesterday's trivia:

b. 6

Today's lesson:

Episode 2: The Uneven Game of Love, starring Ronald McDonald and Ronald Reagan

(McDonald and Reagan are sitting on a log in the forest. there are birds, trees, squirrels about)

McDonald (puts his hand on Reagan's knee): I want to tell you a joke. Do you want to hear a joke?

Reagan: I'd love to.

McDonald: What does the funny man say after eating a Whopper?

Reagan: I don't know, what?

McDonald: Yuk yuk yuk.

Reagan (without laughing): that's HILARIOUS.

McDonald: Now you tell one.

Reagan: Ok, how many darkies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

McDonald: I don't know, how many?

(Reagan jumps up and does a funny dance, like a gorilla)


(McDonald doubles over -- he is out of breath from laughing so hard)

McDonald: much....

Reagan: Yes, I know.

(McDonald stands up and embraces Reagan. McDonald has a boner)


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