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5/9/05 - Day Z - Fresno, CA - City College

"There is an old story about Thales' mule. The animal happened to stumble while fording a river. The sacks of salt it was carrying were soaked and the contents dissolved. Having noticed that its burden grew lighter in this instance, the mule, whenever it came to a stream, plunged in with its load. Thales outwitted the mule by having it loaded with sponges and wool. Thereafter it took great care to keep its cargo out of the water."


"The foxes of Thrace, refusing to cross a frozen river when they heard running water beneath the ice, were credited by the ancients with the following sorites: What makes noise is in motion; what is in motion is not frozen; what is not frozen is liquid; what is liquid gives way under weight; therefore what makes noise gives way under weight."


"Elephants were considered to have religion, because they purify themselves in the sea and stand facing the rising sun with trunks lifted like hands in supplication."


"Aristotle . . . reports that a mother nightingale has been observed to give singing lessons to her young."


"Plutarch . . . saw a dog on a ship put pebbles into a half-empty jar until the oil in it rose high enough for the animal to reach it with his tongue. On another occasion he saw a play featuring a canine actor. The role called for the dog to feign death by poisoning. So realistic was the performance that the audience was amazed when, at the appropriate moment in the plot, the dog got up as though recovering from a deep sleep."

all taken from ANIMAL CONSCIOUSNESS by Daisie and Michael Radner

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