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Day D thru Z (more) - U.S. and Canada - 4/2/05 thru 4/23/05

sayeth the insider: a bear is never a stranger to the woods

sayeth the outsider: the bear loves to his fullest extent, but will, in the same heartbeat, tear you limb from limb, if it suits him

5. Cleveland, OH - not too many people at the show, but Drew Carey was one of them. I heard he was smiling. his dog, the producer of his tv show, bought some merch. Oscar and I tried to get drunk enough to ask him if we can stay at his place, but neither of us succeeded.

Day D thru Z (more) - U.S. and Canada - 4/2/05 thru 4/23/05

the 3 Omens:

  • 1. Athens, OH - a man drops his full beer, a lands on the ground as if drawn by a does not spill or topple lands square on the ground and simply foams up. those few witnesses are astonished, but the man acts as though nothing extraordinary has happened; he simply picks it up and resumes drinking.

  • 2. Chicago, IL - I am driving the van alone, listening to Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions ..." -- to myself, I mouth the words: "fuck white people". after I park the van, I pass a bum in an alleyway...he yells at me: "I fuckin HATE white people!" he himself was white.

  • 3. Will Oldham releases an instrumental tune entitled "Lars"...the song is rather repetitive and uneventful.

is it the end?

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