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day 106 - Kosse, TX - perfecting the yodel (an objectification of the will) - 2/16/05

  • 1. Kosse is: "the little town with a big heart"
  • 2. the comraderie of beasts
  • 3. Ben Gazarra's face
  • 3a. the eyes of a prophet
  • 4. an attempt to identify with black culture
  • 5. a can of white paint --> a thought process --> thoughts of suicide
  • 6. Al Jolson
  • 7. horses
  • 8. Stan Getz
  • 9. to cast aside the drawbridge
  • 10. the Illustrious One
  • 11. the ivory tusk
  • 12. Richard Burton walks cautiously through a field at night -- the phrase "high-stepper" echoes through his brain until he doubles over in laughter
  • 13. the blitzkrieg is insanity

day 107 - Kosse, TX - 2/24/05

well, friends.

did you see the superbowl?

maybe you've been exposed.

do you know a slut?

maybe you've seen the horse's face.

at a particularly difficult part of his life, Kafka once had a laughing fit:

he was at a meeting with two of his superiors, and without reason, he burst into laughter -- uncontrollable and unceasing laughter for 5 minutes or so. he could barely catch his breath. luckily, and with a profuse apology, he was not reprimanded.

Greg and Oscar are at the rear pond, drinking beers and waiting for the horses (they brought carrots). I thought they were walking there, so I didn't join them, but they actually drove. I am left here alone to decide whether I will eat cheese again tonight.

Bob is to arrive at around 2, which is now.

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