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Day 3 - Vancouver, B.C. - The Brickyard - 8/28

The Gastown area of Vancouver is possibly the worst shithole on the face of North America, with the possible exception of Barstow, CA. Step out of your car and your life is in immediate danger. We were trying to load our stuff in when a crackhead attacked his girlfriend with a portable CD player.

"NOBODY FUCKS MY MOTHER!" Then he threw the Discman at her, but hit the car in front of us. The woman picked up the attack weapon and ran off. Then some other dude ran up and stole the batteries that fell out.

The club smells like piss, but it's a good show. We made some decent funny money. Afterwards, we will stay with two lovely people, Megan and Becca of the local band Vancougar. In the morning, Greg's friend Bob will straighten out my back. I am indebted to him.

Today's Trivia:

In 1984, Dru Down had __ tricks.

  • a. 4
  • b. 6
  • c. 12
  • d. 0

Answers to yesterday's word problem:

  • 1. .18
  • 2. hell no
  • 3. HELL no
  • 4. '68 Cougar

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