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Day 44 - Fresno, CA - Libby's house - 10/8

Mr. Norris: My pride is constantly being irritated by a thousand minute slights. I suffer absurdly from the fact that everybody does not already know what I hope some day to be, what I shall be; that people cannot foretell the work to come just from the look in my eyes.

Roadhouse's birthday on this day. We got him some Night Train. Later on, he will break some pint glasses at Livingstone's -- he will be escorted out twice. People danced at the show. Aside from rockabilly druids, everyone was a decent human being. I got a birthday present from Gavin -- a doo rag.

Fresno bands of the past (I'm not making any of this up):

  • Boot Party (I was in this band)
  • Victimized
  • 29 Died
  • September's Children
  • Mofo Party Band
  • Circus Bogus
  • Disposable None
  • Moloko Men [Matthew Birdman: RIP Jared]
  • Patriotic Voice
  • Life Force
  • Crucified
  • Soldier 76 (ex-boot party members, not including myself)
  • Noids
  • Neanderthals
  • Stinkaholic (they had an album called Stinky Pals)
  • Cactii Widders
  • Napoleon Blownaparts
  • Paul Revere and His Raiders (a Paul Revere and His Raiders tribute band)
  • Black Pussy (my Black Sabbath tribute band)
  • U-Decide (they might still be together)

That's right -- you dont' know what you're missing.

Day 45 - San Francisco, CA - Parkside - 10/9

  • 1. He is all right with death
  • 2. He is not all right with death
  • 3. He wishes he were more like Dennis Hopper
  • 4. He decides to learn to play the banjo - "It will build character."
  • 5. After two lessons, he quits
  • 6. He develops a love interest
  • 7. He dies

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