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Day 15 - Washington D.C. - the warehouse next door - 9/9

People have been coming up to me. They know it's me who writes these things. I woke up in a cold sweat yesterday morning at Sam's house. I wanted to erase this whole god damn thing. Well, you have to finish the things you start...

Erick, Jeff and Amanda of the Apes were at our show. "Do you have any new songs?" asked Jeff. No, we don't. Well, we do, but they suck. We talked about a message that I left in Paul C.'s trash can in Pittsburgh. We stayed with a very nice man whose name I can't remember right now.

Day 16 - New York, NY - Union Pool - 9/10

I like this:

Timur, the great conqueror, was more vicious than Ghengis Khan, and his empire was larger. On his deathbed, he announced: "Make sure no man disturbs my grave, or else a fate worse than me shall come upon him." In 1941, Russian archaeologists did just this, and the same day, Hitler invaded Russia.

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