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Day 13 - Toronto, Ontario - Silver Dollar - 9/7

Greg uses this pseudo-satanic office language with us:

"So, you guys wanna go ahead and load the stuff in?"
"You wanna go ahead and turn your amp down?"
"I think you should go ahead and use the Vox on that song."
"I'm gonna go ahead and change your part on that song and then mix everything by myself."

Actually, he didn't say that last one, he just did it.

Other than this nonsense, we had a lovely show in Toronto; possibly the best. We were taken in by Daniella and her lovely friends. Goodnight.

Day 14 - Pittsburgh, PA - art warehouse - 9/8

We will meet up with Paul Calzone, Phil, and Jason of the Modey Lemon. They are fags because they don't play the show with us. Instead, it is a girl band -- Frostiva. Phil and Jason go home to eat some cereal, and Paul C will join us and Frostiva for drinks at Goosgi's (sp?). Goosgi's is always lovely, except for this time there are some knuckle-draggers who called Oscar a girl, and, later on, "Pat". After this, there is a dance/air-guitar party. We listen to Pentagram. Everyone should listen to Pentagram.

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