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Greg Ashley

The title is Medicine Fuck Dream. With this debut Birdman release, enter the world of Houston-turned-Oakland psych master GREG ASHLEY. Like fellow Texan-bred Roky Erickson and Mayo Thomson, with a little infused Syd Barrett and Skip Spence (and maybe even a little Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel), Ashley creates atmospheric pop meanderings that are filled with sentimental purpose and dark fuzzy edges. On par with the workings of the mightily enigmatic Brother JT, Ashley recorded this all himself, played it all himself, and sang it all himself, except for one song by his friend John.

"Greg Ashley is a troubled young man and that's the good news. He writes and sings like he's felt it ten times harder than you hear it. Listen the second time and the avalanche catches up to you quickly. This kid's a star and recognition begins right now-"
Greg Dulli (Twilight Singers), 2003

Medicine Fuck Dream is a collection of 10 songs pretty much about 10 girls, starting with Karen Loves Candy, ending with Lisa Lisa (the latter being his reason for the Western pilgrimage). From the beginning of the dreama free jazz moat guarding the record's inner core, the listener is transported in to the WHAT DO YOU TURN ON WHEN YOU TURN ON depths of a musical journey. Suddenly a lonely piano chord and Act 1 begins.

Karen Loves Candy is a beautiful pop song with an epic finish. Mona Rider, with its sparse, lonely introduction, is singularly haunting, filled with awkward silences, and goose-bump-inducing soundscapes and vocal echoes. Beautiful. The Hank Williams cover Lost Highway re-enacts the dream Williams had while creating the song in the first place, while the up-beat number Apple Pie And Genocide, a live favorite, is a toe-tapping social statement and a look into the future rocking's of Greg Ashley. The rest of the songs stream into being one by one, as catchy as they are atmospheric. Melancholy, fuzzy, like a foggy day in San Francisco's outer Richmond.

Medicine Fuck Dream: Homemade psychedelic bliss from a new major American songwriter.