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Vein CD Released Oct 16

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JG Thirlwell has turned the idea of the remix album on it's head with VEIN.

To regard VEIN as purely a remix album is to underestimate its intentions and ambitions.

This is not LOVE remixed,it is LOVE fractured and reimagined by some of today's most notable artists .

It is an immersive, powerful and sometimes harrowing cinematic journey thru sound and emotion. Two years in the making, strewn with tears, joy and casualties.

- Jay Wasco has created an overture, blending musical elements and recasting and juxtaposing themes until it becomes like a broadway opus with an explosive prog coda.

- Fennesz has distressed and granulated the track "Pareidolia" into a textural dream.

- Mike Patton unshackles "How to Vibrate" like the monster from The Host mud-wrestling with Hans Zimmer on the set of a Dario Argento film.

- JG Thirlwell's extensive reworking of his own "Mon Agonie Douce", a dizzying waltz that takes us from the cobblestone streets of Montmartre to the back alleys of Istanbul in a roller coaster that erupts into a exotic caco-phonic splendor.

- Tom Recchion has taken elements from each song on the album and refashioned them into something beyond a mash up, it is more an psycho-acoustic meditative extrusion.

- Tweaker ramps up the blister on the already blustering "Aladdin Reverse".

- Japanese artist Tujiko Nuriko weaves her magic into a breathing, sinuous remix of the sultry "Dont Want Me Anymore".

-Jason Forrest's take on "Not Adam" careens between searing breakbeats and fluttering harpsichordal flourishes.

- TRZTN's turn on the track "Thrush", a duet between Thirlwell and Elysian Fields' Jennifer Charles, is a claustrophobic symphonic pop stomp.

- Matmos' abstractification weaves the Foetus track into a collision of the flamboyant and the unsettling.

... and so much more.

As a bonus, the album also features the award-winning animated video of "Time Marches On" by Swedish director Sam Sohlberg.

The sleeve of VEIN is once again designed by renaissance man Thirlwell in his signature palette of red. white and black. It juxtaposes design homages from Op art, constructivism and sportswear design via JG's unique vision, and represents the 18th instance of naming a Foetus album with a four-letter one-syllable title.