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Love CD/DVD Release Date: July 19 2005

Entitled LOVE, (the latest in his extensive use of four-letter one syllable titles) the new FOETUS will be available June 14th. It is a sweeping, dramatic epic drenched in harpsichord and orchestras with jarring left turns, bombast and seduction. It features a duet with Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields and an appearance by the amazing Pamelia Kurstin, the world's foremost thereminist!

The CD also comes with a DVD containing 3 videos from LOVE including Blessed Evening directed by Karen O (YeahYeahYeahs) with director of photography Spike Jonze, and (not adam) directed by Jeremy Solterbeck (who also directed videos for Lovage and Handsome Boys Modelling School, among others), and trailers of the J.G. Thirlwell-scored Venture Brothers (currently airing on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network), as well as classic early live footage with never-before-seen footage from the upcoming J.G. Thirlwell documentary.

"If only the countless lesser talents who trail in the great man's wake had this much imagination; sounds with this much evocative power and atmospheric intelligence are woefully few and far between.” – Kerrang, 2003.

Nineteen Full Lengths, eleven 12" LPs, 7"s, Double records, eps, picture discs….you get the idea. Call him what you will, FOETUS, STERIOD MAXIMUS, MANOREXIA, CLINT RUIN, FLESH VOLCANO, WISEBLOOD, ETC…we call him genius.