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S/T Release Date -- Fall 2004

Coyote formed when members of The Holy Fallout, Excelsior and The Rabble Rousers convened in a West Philadelphia basement. Meaning: the heart of the Philadelphia music scene thrown into one super-group is releasing their debut, and you are there. The driving pianos, screaming vocals, and fuzzed-out champion guitar leads produce a unique sound that is ready to be unleashed. They have been compared to The Black Heart Procession, The Doors and the VSS/Slaves.

By pulling from a multitude of musical influences, Coyote creates a sometimes haunting, sometimes sonic sound that allows the listener to take joy from pain. With lyrics that often portray un-nerving situations, Coyote immediately grab your attention. The piano-driven melodies invite the audience inside their frenzied spirit.

Coyote is:

  • Trevor Butler (R.I.P.)
  • Ryan Hamilton
  • Matty Mcdermott
  • Russell Higbee