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Baba's Mountain
Released April 26th, 2005

Listen to What We Do Best from Baba's Mountain

CALLING ALL VILLAGE YOUTH (harelips, freaks, trolls, him-shims, basement-dwellers and wormdicks):

You have heard the lore of Baba's Mountain from your brothers and sisters.

You have spent countless hours listening to the APES' Baba's Mountain record, searching for answers.

You have seen the graffiti on the walls. Captain 20's Children. Mount of the Child Generals. APES. Imp Ahh.

You have heard rumors of those gone missing: Adolescents, leaving their homes, wandering into the night and never being seen again. The melting of children into feed for the woodland animals.

Please ignore these rumors - rumors created by your teachers, the local media, parental figures. Ignore the ignorant teens-in-heat "blogs". Spurred by myth, inspired by whispers, many have written us from all over the world, wanting to know more about our mountain retreat.

Why not come see for yourself?


An all night celebration will commence on the last Saturday of October. In the evening, when a warm breeze stirs the leaves, you will know it is time. Place the mark on your door and listen for the horn of the Green Bus. Do not hesitate, for the bus will wait but a moment, and then be gone. The APES extend their hand in invitation, but that invitation is not for the slow of mind or foot.


Up there, you can escape the Comas' transmissions
Up there, we will provide a home for all those willing to learn and burn
Up there, we will teach you to escape the trappings of The Mind
Up there, the apples speak, worms are on foot, and there is love for all beasts
Up there, youth is caught in time
Up there, things smell and taste better


They are your parents. Your neighbors. Your peers. All of those who are caught deep in a coma-like state, going through mechanical routines day after day after day. It is they who first created - and now serve - the Mind, the force that seeks to deaden us and chain us to the isolating habitual comforts of the past and the non-existent future. Seek shelter from these living dead before they infect you!